I write, script, perform, design the visual elements for, and produce videos on the channel. 

I am presenting this as the showcase for, not only, my individual skills, but how they can work harmoniously to create something greater than the sum of their parts.

 “Do you really own anything” Video Project

Media ownership is dwindling, and it begs this very poignant question. In this video I explore the idea “Do you actually own anything, or are you just renting it?” – This video is a large step foreword from the foldables video. My skill working with Adobe Premiere and Audition take a large leap. New skills like embedding video, working within a diegetic frame, and use of well cited sources are on display here. My confidence both behind and front of the camera and microphone improves dramatically.

“Finality & Foldables” Video Project

Foldables are a fascinating subset of phone tech, so, I decided to dive in and really distill the reasons that I love the technology. – This video is my first foray into video creation.