I write, script, perform, design the visual elements for, and produce videos and shorts on the channel. 

I am presenting this as the showcase for, not only, my individual skills, but how they can work harmoniously to create something greater than the sum of their parts.

 “The Secondary Device ” Video Project – Video #6

If you were to roll the clock back 40-odd years you would find not a single device that does anything you could ever want, but rather a few devices that had different roles. The humble notebook and pencil were the norm for people making shopping lists. This video explores this old “Modular Approach” vs the “All-in-one Approach” of the modern smartphone.

This is another large jump in not only screen presence but also clarity of message. Visual aids are used to drive home the concepts described. Shooting quality remains at a crispy 4k. As well, the implementation of a wider angle improves the framing of the presentation. There is a noticeable jump in production value from the previous video via the addition of a proper ending, calling out to interact with the video via Liking and Subscribing. Further cementing the professional feel of the content. 

 “iCan iPod Book” Video Mini Project – Short Video #1

iPod books used to be a thing, in the pre-internet era. I skim through and marvel at the book in this clip.

This short was produced using an extra clip from the “Secondary Device” Video. This content was posted on YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, and TikTok. This is the first short-form piece of content that I have used as promotion for a larger video. 

 “Respect & Apple ” Video Project – Video #4

I am often asked why I don’t use an iPhone, is this video I go into the reasons I don’t like supporting the big fruit company. Apple has a way of making their technology needlessly obtuse all in the pursuance of the “Apple Magic”.  Often making baffling and anti-consumer decisions when attempting to reach these goals. It becomes majorly frustrating after a while.

This is the big leap forward. I am finally in front of the camera in this one. In crispy 4K, with a cleanly chroma keyed background. This will likely be the new video standard going forward.

 “The Steam Deck – Alike ” Video Project – Video #3

The Steam Deck is a genre-defining device. My cold, portable-starved heart rages with degrees in this hopeful take on the newly reemerging category. This video displays further evolution of my ability in Adobe Premiere, specifically my growing comfort with the tools. The higher-quality video clips that I captured are much more interesting to look at and are even more relevant to the topic in the video. The thumbnail uses a fusion of someone’s excellent Steam Deck art and my layout and color sense. The voice-over continues to get more and more confident.

 “Do you really own anything” Video Project – Video #2

Media ownership is dwindling, and it begs this very poignant question. In this video, I explore the idea “Do you actually own anything, or are you just renting it?” – This video is a large step forward from the foldables video. My skill working with Adobe Premiere and Audition take a large leap. New skills like embedding video, working within a diegetic frame, and use of well-cited sources are on display here. My confidence both behind and in front of the camera and microphone improves dramatically.

“Finality & Foldables” Video Project – Video #1

Foldables are a fascinating subset of phone tech, so, I decided to dive in and really distill the reasons that I love the technology. – This video is my first foray into video creation.