Baldwin Wallace School of Business Signage

Among the many projects at Baldwin Wallace there were a few that were as much a blast as this one. This project was a team effort with an illustrator and another designer and I all working together. The character designs were dreamed up and hand drawn by the illustrator. The colors, layout, typography, and iconography were our charge. My fellow designer and I turned the elements into complete posters, trading cards, and mailers. Included in the photos above are shots from the shows where these materials were shown off. Some are from the Carmel-Boyer dedication ceremony.

I have included what the design would have iterated into had I been able to stay post-graduation.

In the last photos I have included materials made with the shows theme “Freedom To Soar”. This phrase was chosen from an internal blog post I did for the department describing my experience with the department. The Business Department decided that they liked it so much that it was chosen as the Carmel-Boyer dedication show theme.