Family Sports Logo Design System

The name Armchair Philosopher was in reference to the fictional team’s sport, that being debate. The Armchair Philosopher design system was built out of a project prompt to create a Family Sports Logo. I was tasked with creating a logo and design system to simulate the design atheistic of a professional sports team. I specifically chose the imagery and fonts based on this prompt. The blue shade was intentionally chosen to contrast with the more harsh colors and imagery usually associated with Sports logos. “We call ourselves “Armchair” Debaters. We are not formally trained in the art of debate or in the many subjects we engage in. This doesn’t stop us from attempting to learn from these exchanges. Our team identity has a focus on the armchair imagery. We feel that it is an important aspect to include some levity, As we are not experts in every field. We want to formalize this aspect of our identity in this logo.”